Commercial Solar Panels Florida

Are you looking to improve your energy costs with Commerical Solar Panels Florida? Wondering how Commercial Solar Installation works? We install commercial solar panels in Florida and are here for any of your solar panel needs. We have a knowledgeable team that is dedicated to understanding the proper installation and the way these panels work. So, do these work like residential solar panels? Are we then off the grid completely, what happens if we don’t produce enough? These are all great questions to ask our knowledgable staff.

Commercial Solar Installation

Commerical Solar installation is something we do all the time. And, like with everything else, if we do it often, we get good at it. Often we install these panels as a roof structure over a parking facility. Serving two purposes, the cover for the cars below and power to your building. We can also mount them to your roof or there are even solar poles, I’m sure you have seen the solar farms around that can be an option, however, that is much more costly, as it requires more real estate. We like to get creative in the installation, saving space but getting the most for your dollar.

Commercial Solar Cost

With commercial solar cost, it isn’t just the cost of the initial installation that we need to factor in, as they will certainly pay for themselves down the road. And, did you know that if you have the extra power it will back feed to your energy company? They will buy your power from you, how cool is that? Then if you should need their services it will be at a much lower cost, since you have them buying your power. The power is delivered from the sunlight to the inverter. The inverter then delivers the power to the centralized power box where it is distributed evenly throughout the facility. 10 year parts and labor are standard for the inverters, however, 20-25 years are normal for the panels themselves. Excess power is run to your meter and it runs backward feeding the power company your extra power. So, as little energy is lost as possible. This is a great way to help save the environment. Very quiet and clean method of producing power.

Installation of Solar Power Florida

There are several ways to install the solar panels as mentioned before. If a carport option sounds like a plan, this method takes up virtually no real estate as it sits on top of the carport like a roof and protects the cars below. This option is quick to install and has little impact on your employees and your bottom line. With your installation of Solar power, this is a great marketing tool. As the world progresses, we need to find a way to capture clean energy. Solar panels are a great way to capture the clean energy that is already being provided by the sun.

Recycling Solar Panels

Once the lifespan of the solar panels is reached, it is possible to recycle them up to 90% at this point in time. There is extensive research ongoing to obviously improve this as the need for green energy expands.