Benefits of Solar Power

Going Solar offers a host of benefits to you, the homeowner. In addition to monthly savings on your electrical bill, the state of Florida offers some incredible incentives and tax credits that add up to even more savings.

State Tax Incentives 2017

The state of Florida encourages homeowners to go solar with significant tax exemptions that can offset the cost of purchasing your solar energy system. The Federal Government also offers financial incentives in the form of the ITC (Investment Tax credit), which can be claimed as a deduction on your income taxes. Funding for these programs may be limited. You can maximize these incentives by installing your solar system before December 21st, 2017.

Florida Net Metering Policy

Electricity produced by your solar system allows you to take advantage of Florida’s Net Metering policy, which gives the homeowner credit for any excess power going back into the grid. This incredible program turns every rooftop solar system into your own personal power plant, earning credits for any excess electricity produced.


Imagine the luxury of running your air conditioning all summer long without any threat of an inflated energy bill-a more comfortable home for you and your loved ones. The tier system used by most local utility companies is designed to punish those that use a lot of power-the more electricity you need, the higher your cost per kilowatt will be. Solar Energy removes this tier system from the equation. You pay a flat rate to purchase your solar system and now own the electricity that your system produces-you basically become your own power company.


Having a solar panel system on your rooftop allows you to harness the power of the sun, converting sunshine into electricity that will power your home or business. Solar Power can even add value to your property because is it an asset, producing power that you own. Prospective buyers and even appraisers will take this into account when considering your property. It is a win/win for all parties.

Florida’s PACE Program

Homeowners with at least 10% equity may qualify for the PACE Program (Property Assessed Clean Energy) which gives you access to additional funding to make improvements on your home. The payments for your Solar Energy are made automatically through your property taxes. This program makes it easy to go solar without worrying about a credit score or fluctuating interest rates.

Our Pledge

Solar Veterans for America proudly supports the members of the Armed Forces and we extend discounts to veterans from all branches of military service. We also employ many veterans as part of our trained installation teams. So, when you choose us, you are also supporting your local veteran community!